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[REPORT] [KISH] Interphoto & Digital Imaging Exhibition -Part 2

Here’s the 2nd part… let’s continue where i left off in part 1.

After we left Yongnuo, we went upstair to check out more lighting stuff.

we stop by a booth called Nanguang.
they all do continuous light.  (non flash)
and came across one BIG ring flash consist of whole bunch of florescent tube mounted in circle.
at first, i was a bit sceptically about this thing… (never really a continuous lighting guy. like flash more)
but well.. i have to say the quality is quite good.. and the catch light is very interesting!


[REPORT] The 12th China Shanghai Interphoto & Digital Imaging Exhibition (a.k.a the Made-in-China photo gear show) -Part 1

Yes.. another New category!
this one is called “Photo Report” [REPORT]
Like the name suggested. it will be reporting any photo news. including event, gears, etc.

First one.
we going to talk about the The 12th China Shanghai Interphoto & Digital Imaging Exhibition
So, this is the first time i go to this exhibit.
what’s going on there are Chinese manufacturers bring out their product and show it to everyone.
there are a few big non-chinese company too (such as Canon, HP, Epson, etc)

Last Saturday, Myself, Savio, David and Lutz went to this show, since we were kind of invited by Phottix

So I guess, naturally let’s talk about them first.