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[HKD] [KISH] Strobist Workshop Test Run

We’ve been talking about we wanted to host a Strobist 102 workshop.
we did 101 a few time already, time to move up and go practical.
So last weekend, few of us decided to do a test run.
Organized a small scale workshop with 5 people only.

Strobist Workshop Sept 2010: Behind the scene

It was quite successful I think.
We hired one model, and XXOM also brought a friend. 

Read on to check out some of the model shots and test shot!! and find out how we think about the meetup


[KSOW] Kool-Stuff-On-Web: The iPhone Fashion Shoot By Lee Morris

Ok! new category! it’s called “Kool-Stuff-On-Web”
If i came across something worth mention on the web.  i will post it here.

so expect to be short post. unless there are lot of explanation needed.

First one.. Today on twitter, i came across this video titled “The iPhone Fashion Shoot By Lee Morris ”