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[KISH] Back to SH

Well.. the Chinese New year break was LONG.. a bit too long…

Guangzhou SkyLine

It’s funny that the first day when i got back to work, my boss said. “wow you seems more tired then the way you look before the holiday!”  Well.. kinda..

Anyway, so i’ve went to Guangzhou (hence the above picture)
and also Hong Kong of course.
was able to do some street photo in HK, so was happy about that!

[RANT] [KISH] Finally WordPress is not behind the wall!

Finally!  WordPress can be access freely in China!!
no more blocking! woohoo! (at least for now!)
Abandoned House Search: Window in a window

[RANT] [KISH] EXPO!! Still tons of people!!

Was dragged to the Shanghai EXPO again last week.
and gosh.. there are ALOT of people.. even more than the last time i went few months ago!
Expo, lots of people!

[RANT] [KISH] OT: taobao? fake post? beware.

Well.. taobao. usually give me a very good experience.
I mean.. i’ve heard lot of people doing bad thing on it, but this is the first time i bump into it…
and well.. i dodged the bullet i guess…

read on! and see what happened to me…

[RANT] [HKD] Oh snap! i left my bankcard in the ATM

So i was doing some shopping at the supermarket, then after i done i realize i am out of cash
so i want to the Atm.

got some money out… and then left…

OH! Snap!!! I left my bank card in the ATM!


[RANT] Great “FIRE”Wall of China .. Blog restarting

Great Wall of China, originally uploaded by kirk lau.

Well.. seems like all the good blogging service is b-locked by the Great wall of China… so i might as well pick the best and use it…
too bad if you are behind the wall and does not have way to climb over it… (but if can see this.. you probably got ways to do it already!)
anyway.. i notice WordPress is on and off on the blocking list.
so hopefully it will get unblock SOON enough..