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[KSOW] OT: I just want direction

Got XKCD subscribed on RSS feed.. and today’s comic is funny (at least it is funny to me.)
so i figure i would share

[KSOW] A “Ferrania Zeta Duplex”.. How could you not want on one of this!!

Ferrania Zeta Duplex, originally uploaded by John Kratz.

OH com’on! how could you not want one of this!
this is the best looking camera i’ve ever seen!! GOSH.. you have no idea how much i want it now..
it use 120 film… and i just happen to have tons of it. !

[KSOW] Kool-Stuff-On-Web: The iPhone Fashion Shoot By Lee Morris

Ok! new category! it’s called “Kool-Stuff-On-Web”
If i came across something worth mention on the web.  i will post it here.

so expect to be short post. unless there are lot of explanation needed.

First one.. Today on twitter, i came across this video titled “The iPhone Fashion Shoot By Lee Morris ”