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[HKD] Light Stand Stablizer #strobist #DIYPhotography #DIY

Well.. another DIY from me!
So, I’ve came across these Cola bottle belt clip on the web (first time saw this was actually on the subway)
Been using these to clip a bottle on the camera bag for long time.
suddenly got this idea.

Prepare: Portable Lightstand Stabilizer #strobist #DIYPhotography

So, basically i took 3 of these clip, took the hook out and thread it with a cable velcro tie.

Usage: Portable Lightstand Stabilizer #strobist #DIYPhotography

and of course, you can mount three 2 liters one.  (click here for full size)

[HKD] DIY – The UmbrellaDish! #strobist #DIYP

Well! For the Strobist out there.  We all know how bulky the Beauty-dish is. 
Especially for me who doesn’t even drive in Shanghai, China. Carrying the big Beauty-Dish is hard. (and people often thought I am a Satellite Technician)
So I’ve always tried to avoid using it.

The other day, I was walking around XingGuang (the Shanghai Camera Mall, Yes a WHOLE BUILDING selling photography related stuff!!)  

I came across a little rather useless thing, which is a reflector that mount in front of the camera lens, to act as a “Ring-flash” that’s selling for 20 Chinese Yuan (about 3USD??)
But suddenly this strike me, I can make use of this thing. and solve the beauty Dish problem.

So.. BEHOLD!!! the UmbrellaDish!!!
[DIY] Tata!!! UmbrellaDish!



[HKD] Done Travelling

So! I am back to Shanghai.
It was nice to visit Home@Toronto and travel around the US.
but also it’s nice to be back with all my gears and toys around!

So as i said last time, I will post a few more strobist style pics that I took during the US trip.
So here we go!
[Strobist] "The" elephant sunset at NMNH

[KISH][HKD] Light Painting: August Flickr Meetup

Summer is TOO hot in shanghai….
so …   we decided to have NIGHT time meetup this month!
Since lot of us got no high-iso or super fast lens.
walking around town could cause a problem…

so… someone came up with the idea of doing night painting!!!

[FlickrMeet] Light painting: Just chilling in the park

[KISH] [HKD] Apple opened their first store in Shanghai

Well..  i figure i would report this. even tho i am not an apple fanboy (Don’t like i-tune)
Apple opened their first “Apple store” in Shanghai (2nd one in China, the 1st one was in Beijing)
[STREET] 1st Apple store opened in shanghai today

this morning..  thousands of people lining up trying to gets in…


[HKD] The Little beetles

So … another “How Kirk Did-it”
This time featuring the little Beetles toy car.

[Strobist] Little Beatles


[RANT] [HKD] Oh snap! i left my bankcard in the ATM

So i was doing some shopping at the supermarket, then after i done i realize i am out of cash
so i want to the Atm.

got some money out… and then left…

OH! Snap!!! I left my bank card in the ATM!


[HKD] How Kirk Did-it #1 : Self portrait 2010 first round

Well, in this new blog,
I’ve decide to add a catagories called “HKD” (stands for “How Kirk Did-it”, not HongKong-Dollar)
in here, i will talk about how I took certain picture. I will try to be as in-depth as possible. however, if something doesn’t make sense, feel free to leave it in  comment, and i will try to answer.

well.. first round. let’s talk about my new profile head-shot that i use across all my account including wordpress, facebook, twitter, flickr, and everywhere else!
which one? well.. THIS ONE

2010 First profile change AGAIN 2