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[KISH] SongJiang Creek + BaoShan area Part 2

So, Continuing my Journey from part 1
We ended taking a short break in Huanlong Camera market, while waiting for my other friend to come.

once everyone’s here, we keep going and head down to subway line 4. and head to Baoshan station.
Once i got off the train.. i can feel the chaos-ness.

First, a first “electric bike” accident (with another bike) i’ve every seen in shanghai.

[Street] Bumper to bumper bike

Nothing much to see, normal yelling at each other kinda thing.


[KISH] First “Kirk in Shanghai” post: SongJiang Creek + BaoShan area Part 1

So I was doing some street photography with friends last weekend.
It’s the first time I’ve been to this area.   SongJiang Creek. The route is roughly like this

It is one of the area that still remain less develop compare to the central shanghai.

Got out of the Subway station, I was waiting for Savio.
So i walk back and forth looking for a convenience store to get a quick drink.
a few girls were looking at umbrella. it was a rainy day.. at least we were expecting to rain.

[Street] It's going to rain


[HKD] How Kirk Did-it #1 : Self portrait 2010 first round

Well, in this new blog,
I’ve decide to add a catagories called “HKD” (stands for “How Kirk Did-it”, not HongKong-Dollar)
in here, i will talk about how I took certain picture. I will try to be as in-depth as possible. however, if something doesn’t make sense, feel free to leave it in  comment, and i will try to answer.

well.. first round. let’s talk about my new profile head-shot that i use across all my account including wordpress, facebook, twitter, flickr, and everywhere else!
which one? well.. THIS ONE

2010 First profile change AGAIN 2

[RANT] Great “FIRE”Wall of China .. Blog restarting

Great Wall of China, originally uploaded by kirk lau.

Well.. seems like all the good blogging service is b-locked by the Great wall of China… so i might as well pick the best and use it…
too bad if you are behind the wall and does not have way to climb over it… (but if can see this.. you probably got ways to do it already!)
anyway.. i notice WordPress is on and off on the blocking list.
so hopefully it will get unblock SOON enough..