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[HKD] DIY – The UmbrellaDish! #strobist #DIYP

Well! For the Strobist out there.  We all know how bulky the Beauty-dish is. 
Especially for me who doesn’t even drive in Shanghai, China. Carrying the big Beauty-Dish is hard. (and people often thought I am a Satellite Technician)
So I’ve always tried to avoid using it.

The other day, I was walking around XingGuang (the Shanghai Camera Mall, Yes a WHOLE BUILDING selling photography related stuff!!)  

I came across a little rather useless thing, which is a reflector that mount in front of the camera lens, to act as a “Ring-flash” that’s selling for 20 Chinese Yuan (about 3USD??)
But suddenly this strike me, I can make use of this thing. and solve the beauty Dish problem.

So.. BEHOLD!!! the UmbrellaDish!!!
[DIY] Tata!!! UmbrellaDish!


The construct is rather simple,

it consist of a Umbrella flash mount (with slight modification, adding an L-bar so that the flash is mounted sideway. )

[DIY] Tata!!! UmbrellaDish! 

This close up image should be rather self explanatory  (I Hope)

[DIY] Tata!!! UmbrellaDish!

And This is how the Flash got mounted like this.

the “Reflector” is hold together by some elastic rubber band with some clip for now. but planning to sew some actual elastic on later (those for clothing or pants) 

[DIY] Tata!!! UmbrellaDish!

Will post more after refining the design, and some test shots later.

One response

  1. Ali

    Nice Kit..

    January 3, 2011 at 4:16 pm

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