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[KISH] Sidetracked from Help Portrait, “The Farm Visit” …

This Saturday, we (Myself, SueAnne, Savio, and Lumi) went to do some Help Portrait Preparation, while we are on the way, we saw this farm while we are on the Metro. So we decided to stop there after lunch to check it out.
[Street] Farm at HuaningLu #1

We found our way in, realize this stand alone “lonely” old building right next the metro.
[Street] Farm at HuaningLu #2

We start taking picture around there, saw some butterfly in the field. lot of really really fresh veggie.
[Street] Farm at HuaningLu #3:  Butterfly in the field

when we are just about to leave, we bump into this older gentlemen who just coming back home.. to this old old house.
[Street] Farm at HuaningLu #4: owner of the house.

We start talking to each other, found out that he’s been living in this area for almost 60 years.
And he is living with his granddaughter and the families.

We can tell he love his granddaughter while he talks.
So we decided to help him and his granddaughter to take a picture. (later on we plan to process it, print it, and delivery it next time when we go there.)
[Street] Farm at HuaningLu #5: Grandfather+granddaughter

Then he start showing us around.
In the morning he works in his little “hair salon” (well.. a place to cut hair basically)
[Street] Farm at HuaningLu #6 : The Salon

and in the afternoon, he comes back home and work with his wife in the field.
He brought us to see his wife.
[Street] Farm at HuaningLu #7: The gentlemen's wife

well.. even tho they are 60 and 66 yrs old,
You can tell from the first look that his wife used to be a beauty.
anyway. another picture moment, (most likely will print this too)
[Street] Farm at HuaningLu #8: the Happy couple

and finally, he show us around the area.
[Street] Farm at HuaningLu #9: Kids around the area

it was interesting meeting some local there.

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