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[KISH] Well.. Finally Expo is over

Well.. It’s Nov 1, 2010 today…
and Expo is finally coming to an end….. And there are a few thing i notice right after.

I suppose there are some good thing and bad thing that such a huge event had brought us.

Expo 2010: The China Pavilion In front of Sunset  (Strobist)

Read on to see a video of Poor Haibao got beatup 😀
Well.. first thing to notice, for those who travel.. are the flight ticket price.

Price drop is obvious, example Ticket from Shanghai to Shenzhen (city next to hong kong, has direct coach bus to HK) Price went from 900-1200 RMB during EXPO, and down to 480-630 RMB now.  I suppose this is a good thing that got restored by expo.

2nd thing i noticed today is the air quality,  (well, it could be a coincident. but who knows…. they did it in Beijing Olympic)
Foggy Day after expo

Suddenly today it is all foggy (or i should say Smoggy)
well.. hopefully it is just today, I missed the Blue sky during Expo days
Shanghai Flickr Meet:Capturing the new bund

Well.. Expo is not all bad stuff, look at the transportation system that was built for expo, those are going to stay, and it really helps us who don’t drive, to get around the city.

anyway.. it is only the first day, we will have to wait a bit longer see what has change and what will stay.

before ending,
Here’s a quite funny scene that i saw yesterday on my way home.
one of the mall is taking down the expo deco.
and what happened? poor Haibao got beatup by the construction workers.

I didn’t have my camera that time, so i have to use the crappy cellphone to take this… but i guess you can see (and hear) what happens to our blue jelly friend.

cheers! everyone!

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