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[HKD] Done Travelling

So! I am back to Shanghai.
It was nice to visit Home@Toronto and travel around the US.
but also it’s nice to be back with all my gears and toys around!

So as i said last time, I will post a few more strobist style pics that I took during the US trip.
So here we go!
[Strobist] "The" elephant sunset at NMNH

Took this with the little G11 again. (actually all with G11, as that’s the only digital camera I brought with me. the film stuff is not out yet. Need to finish my rolls. )

We were at the National Museum of Natural History in DC.
and while everyone is shooting at the same angle with either on camera flash or natural light (there aren’t much natural light)
I look around, saw there is a second floor there.
So I snap the RF-602 receiver on my 430EX, Crank it up to full power, zoom it to 70mm and put a 1/2 CTO gel on it (actually it was always on the flash).
Hand it to my wife and ask if she can take the elevator up to 2nd floor, stand at the balcony and point it at the big elephant there.

Took a few test shot (like Zack said, You have to start somewhere!), ask her to move to the other balcony. and bam!
This is what i got!  it is pretty much straight out of the camera. Only thing i did was turn it a little warmer in Lightroom.
Strobist info: 430EX at FULL power with 1/2CTO gel bare at camera right (on 2nd floor handheld by my wife) Shot with Canon G11, 1/200sec, F/2.8, ISO-400

[Strobist] The T-REX, no meat!
Next one is also taken in National Museum of Natural History.

Walked into the Dino-bone room, and saw this T-Rex above me beside the short stair.
This time i got no “assistant” since she was checking out the sea-life there.

so i mount the 430EX on the RF-602, then put it on a tiny little table-top tripod. and place it at the bottom of the stairs pointing upward. the flash is completely bare.

I figure I wanna kill the room light anyway. so i just set it to 1/4 power. and going to play with shutter/aperture to get the shot i want.
again, did a few test shot, and end up at 1/160s, F/3.5 at ISO-400.
a little bit of “black” tuning in Lightroom and that’s it.

[Strobist] Flashbang at 3-o-clock

and Last one i took it at the Veterans Memorial (again, in DC)

So the tour took us there to check out the Memorials, and gave us good 1 hrs to walk around there.

after a few classic shot in front of the reflection pool. I head over to the Veterans Memorial. (didn’t feel like running up to check out Abraham. Since it was packed with people there)

Mount the RF602+430EX on an umbrella swivels. then put it on a “Mini Superclamp” (got this in Shanghai before the trip. seems pretty good, going to post a picture and description next time)
Set the 430EX to 80mm, at that time, the sun is still pretty bright, so i didn’t  put any color balancing gel on.
clamp the setup on the pole around the area, about 3-oclock location of the statue.
First i was using full power, but the test shot tells me that it was too strong.
so i tone it down to 1/2 power.  set my camera to ISO200, f/5.6, 1/400s shutter and got this shots.
again. little bit of black tuning, and also i tone down the saturation a little. that’s it. all in Lightroom

anyway.. that’s it for now.

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