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[HKD] [KISH] Strobist Workshop Test Run

We’ve been talking about we wanted to host a Strobist 102 workshop.
we did 101 a few time already, time to move up and go practical.
So last weekend, few of us decided to do a test run.
Organized a small scale workshop with 5 people only.

Strobist Workshop Sept 2010: Behind the scene

It was quite successful I think.
We hired one model, and XXOM also brought a friend. 

Read on to check out some of the model shots and test shot!! and find out how we think about the meetup

There are alot of interaction between us. as well as the model
I guess we could move on to a full scale workshop. with about 15 people max. (plus organizers and models)
the main concern is language.
we were lucky that our model “Aolun” can speak English quite well.
so it is a lot easier for me since i can focus on shoot and not doing translation.
On the other hand, the other model Juzi can only speak a little English, and there were some translation needs to be done.
another thing is setup and gears. we can refine that next time when we go full scale.
Location and Cost is ALWAYS not easy. so we are still looking for a bigger place to shoot.
the one we had on the weekend is a bit small. 5 peoples already stepping on each other’s toes.

anyway.. enough with these boring “planning stuff”
here are a few resulting shots!
First come our model Aolun:

Strobist Workshop Sept 2010:  Aolun #2

She had some experience in terms of modeling already, so posing is quite easy. not much instruction required.
I have to say.. she is very great to work with.
and from what she said. our meet up is much nicer than those local “photographers” meetup (aka. those on Poco).
most of the time we are talking to each other about lighting. where the local one the guys just keep shooting without caring. and some GWC doesn’t even know how to use the camera, and just trying to get girls pics.
So i take it that she had fun working with us too.
The above shot was shot with 5 lights actually!

  • One YN-560 mounted in a Softlighter (an umbrella shape softbox) at 1/8 power at camera left
  • One YN-460II mount on a Shoot through umbrella at 1/32 laying on the ground pointing up under the camera.
  • Two YN-460 on each side of the Background Stand, pointing at model, with a flag blocking the spill to background. 1/16 power
  • one Studio Strobe which was setup by other photographer, pointing at the background, triggered by Optical, and i have no idea what power it is. probably 1/16 as well. 
  • All light triggered by RF-602 except the studio strobe.

Strobist Workshop Sept 2010: Aolun #1
Here is another one of Aolun,
pretty much the same setup,
except the studio strobe now pointed on the ground.

And then we have Juzi she didn’t have much modeling experience. so it take some time to direct her.. and i have to say.. i am kinda suck at it…

Strobist Workshop Sept 2010: Juzi #2

Very similar setup,
but we crank up the studio light so that the black background look … not black.
and also the YN560 in Softlighter is moved closer to the center.
the white balance is shifted to look blue.

Strobist Workshop Sept 2010: Juzi #1

and finally.. Mr Martin!! trying to explain to the model how he wanted … but didn’t work out too nicely..
nice shot tho! hahaha

Strobist Workshop Sept 2010:  Martin's Test shot

wanna see more shots? well.. go to my other flickr account.. where it is kind of a dumping ground…
here’s the set! http://www.flickr.com/photos/31906283@N06/sets/72157624948323982/

Stay tune for the real meetup! Many Thanks!

Oh! we are looking at organizing the Help portrait in shanghai again! So stay tune!!


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