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[KISH] Searching For Abandoned Building I

So.. I was suddenly in the mood to search for broken building this week (well.. I’ve been trying to search for a while..)

Somehow i have a thing for broken places, used to love the “Brick work” in Toronto (used to be a brick factory, got discarded for years)

First stop i went was M50. on Moganshan Lu (莫干山路)
there is a building I’ve seen a few time.. but never got the chance to find way to access it.

Abandoned House Search:  I couldn't find the way to get upstair

here’s the building. It is a 3 floored building but i i don’t think upstair can be access.. the floor already hollowed.. probably not safe to get up there.

and there are 2 more smaller building behind it.
I wonder what building it was … it kind of look like a small school. I guess i got some research to do this week.

Here are few more shots
Abandoned House Search: Broken

Abandoned House Search: I love shanghai

There are a few more small ready-to-torn-down building around that area.
Abandoned House Search:  Trapped

Abandoned House Search:  The stair

Another area i was trying to search is on Wutong lu (梧桐路) close to yuyuan, but it appears that it got turned into an expo parking lot.

and finally i went to Xiaomuqiao lu(小木桥路), which there used to be an old railway there… but again… expo parking lot..

So.. out of the 3 location i went.. only one still exist. hope to find more next time…..


2 responses

  1. This used to be a flour production plant, or more specific, noodle flour making factory. It is owned by a very prominent Shanghainese family, a former Minister of sorts, and its fate remains unknown.

    September 15, 2010 at 5:59 pm

    • Wow SueAnne, how the heck did u found that out!!! wow…

      September 15, 2010 at 7:21 pm

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