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[KISH]Late entry: Shanghai World Wide Photo Walk

First of all,
I have to say i was going to update this 2 weeks ago.
but my connection to WordPress been acting up like crazy!
So i can’t post anything properly until now.

Anyway, hope this won’t happen again.

Now the main story.
So 2 weeks ago, on July 24, 2010

WWPW2010: Third Annual Worldwide Photo Walk Shanghai

We were having the first “Scott Kelby’s Annual World Wide photowalk” in Shanghai.
We went from Jingan Temple all the way to Huaihai Zhong Rd.. about 3.5km
we had 35 people in the group! all with camera in their hands, and walked for good 3-4 hrs!

It was great fun! and many many thanks to John for organizing this!

Anyway.. gonna share some more pic after the break, so click to see more!
So first, here’s our fearless leader.. (fearless as in having all the extra gears on his back!)

WWPW2010: Our Fearless leader checking ... for...?

Here’s one of the common scene where everyone is shooting at the same thing!
WWPW2010: Group member follow the leader to check ... for...?

And we did attracted quite a bit of attentions. example is this little kid coming over enjoying his food while John is briefing
WWPW2010: Checking the walkers out with sausage

here’s one of my favorite shot (I guess so does many other people too!)
WWPW2010: Hmmm, I wonder what's under that umbrella ..

and we see this little guy along the way.. EVERYONE is trying to get a shot at him…  (Assuming it’s a him), and we end up scaring him away!
WWPW2010: Awwwwwww

anyway… for more shots, you can see it in my tag search, or from the group pool

Cheers! everyone


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