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[RANT] [KISH] OT: taobao? fake post? beware.

Well.. taobao. usually give me a very good experience.
I mean.. i’ve heard lot of people doing bad thing on it, but this is the first time i bump into it…
and well.. i dodged the bullet i guess…

read on! and see what happened to me…
well.. tonight .. i was just poking around on taobao.. to search for some film.
used quite a bit.. so it’s about time to refill.

came across this post

it is a very good price, normally this film goes for about 30rmb each
so first thing i thought of is.. it must be expired.

talked to the seller, he said it expired on 2011/06… ok.. that’s still one year to go..
so… talked to my buddy, we decide to order 40 rolls, another 40 Reala, and 30 lucky from this guy.

than this guy is like.. wait.. let me give you another address to lump these 3 together
here’s the convo, in Chinese.

basically what he said here is..

S: lump sum 1500rmb

k: include shipping?


k: good

S: so you going to pay by bank transfer or Usb key?

K: alipay, can i?

S: sure, *use this link*, take a look

K: how many roll are there?

S: just indicate it in comment!

as you can see, the  address he gave is under taobao.com.
so i click, it first hit as a home redirect.
then jump to an address with a domain called afudwtoin-dot-com, which according to the whois data, it is in Malbourne.
then further redirect to a domain called item-dot-taobao-dot-com-dot-acctioa-dot-com


the page show up.. look very much like a legit taobao site.
at first i didn’t pay attention.
but it does ask for re-login and password..
which is weird… my firefox did store my login name. so.. i look at the url and discover it is a subdomain … not the main taobao.com

asked the guy. he insist it is a real site, it is the 2nd level domain.. which doesn’t make sense.
i told the guy to wait.. and called the customer service of taobao (info can found here http://my.taobao.com/mytaobao/misc/contact.jhtml)
the lady on the phone said she can’t verify whether that is a real site. but suggest i don’t bid on it if i don’t see taobao.com.
so i reply to the seller, say i insist to bid on the item separately on the main site.

that’s the point he get agressive.. and say.. if i don’t bid on this, then leave it alone… and then “appeared offline” (taobao site still say he is on.. but aliwangwang show he is off)

did a whois search on acctioa-dot-com
well.. guess what… it is not belong to taobao, or ali,
it belongs to a company called “JIANGSU BANGNING SCIENCE & TECHNOLOGY CO. LTD”
(detail see here http://www.whois.net/whois/acctioa.com)

anyway.. i am sure it is one out of million … so i will still by on taobao.. but be aware!!


One response

  1. Sharp of you to catch it, Kirk. I wouldn’t have figured it out sub-domains or otherwise. I generally don’t like to buy stuff online in China, basically to avoid experiences like what you had. But Taobao in general has been a godsend to many, just stick to the regular channels.

    Btw, you should post a screen shot of your site on Flickr, I’m sure many would want to read about your experiences buying and using photography equipment in SHA.

    July 21, 2010 at 9:11 am

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