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[REPORT] [KISH] Interphoto & Digital Imaging Exhibition -Part 2

Here’s the 2nd part… let’s continue where i left off in part 1.

After we left Yongnuo, we went upstair to check out more lighting stuff.

we stop by a booth called Nanguang.
they all do continuous light.  (non flash)
and came across one BIG ring flash consist of whole bunch of florescent tube mounted in circle.
at first, i was a bit sceptically about this thing… (never really a continuous lighting guy. like flash more)
but well.. i have to say the quality is quite good.. and the catch light is very interesting!



Anyway.. moving on..
Then i saw one of my favorite film company .. LUCKY here in the show..(cause’ it’s cheap and got good contrast in black/white)
nothing much to see there tho

I think there is enough gear/accessories talk here already.
so.. here’s a few interesting pic i got in the show.. which is kind of fall into the [KISH] categories

First Fotopro!.. instead of Profoto lighting (for those who are follow lighting gear.. profoto is one of the big industry standard lighting!)

Then we got YallyWood (“Ya” mean asia here)

saw this guy in the framing section.. always afraid his cig will drop down to the machine.. but it is hanging in there nicely


And like every show with models, always some guys with small point&shoot or cellphone try to “test the light”
but the old man below must be the best!!! btw, that’s a film point and shoot… he is dedicated i have to say…


well.. that’s it for the exhibit… until the next show.. i will be back talking about other stuff… (next one maybe ChinaJoy… maybe…)
Many thanks!


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