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[KISH] [HKD] Apple opened their first store in Shanghai

Well..  i figure i would report this. even tho i am not an apple fanboy (Don’t like i-tune)
Apple opened their first “Apple store” in Shanghai (2nd one in China, the 1st one was in Beijing)
[STREET] 1st Apple store opened in shanghai today

this morning..  thousands of people lining up trying to gets in…

too bad the first person who gets in was moving too fast… the great canon focusing system couldn’t keep up with that…
but anyway…

[STREET] 1st Apple store opened in shanghai today

here was the situation this morning

EDIT: lot of people asked how to take that first pic.
So here’s the [HKD] section of the pict!

what i did is use a the bag of the reflector (which is black)
and start dodging *** the right side as it expose for 20 seconds.
so by play around with the time of dodging, i can reduce the light from the apple sign and still get the tower.

*** dodging as in.. use the black piece of object to cover up the right side.. however not completely close for 20 seconds, but just cover and open, cover and open, so it is not a HARD shadow. but a smooth transition.


One response

  1. I’ve been watching them build it without much fan fare each day, till a few days before. I like the spectator space surrounding it, this should bring the droves over to Pudong!

    July 13, 2010 at 1:45 pm

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