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[REPORT] The 12th China Shanghai Interphoto & Digital Imaging Exhibition (a.k.a the Made-in-China photo gear show) -Part 1

Yes.. another New category!
this one is called “Photo Report” [REPORT]
Like the name suggested. it will be reporting any photo news. including event, gears, etc.

First one.
we going to talk about the The 12th China Shanghai Interphoto & Digital Imaging Exhibition
So, this is the first time i go to this exhibit.
what’s going on there are Chinese manufacturers bring out their product and show it to everyone.
there are a few big non-chinese company too (such as Canon, HP, Epson, etc)

Last Saturday, Myself, Savio, David and Lutz went to this show, since we were kind of invited by Phottix

So I guess, naturally let’s talk about them first.

Steve in the booth was showing us a few new product.
first is the Altas that lot of people on strobist flickr are already talking about.


From the look of it. it looks very much like a Pocketwizard.
except it got an extra hotshoe mount on the front.
(There is rumor saying they can talk to each other too. no one really knows yet)

it has 4 channels, 100m range. and it function as both TX and RX.
got a chance to test it. and i have to say.. i got ZERO misfire!

Now i have to mentions, Phottix has hired a few models on site so visitors can test their light and triggers.
here’s the test shots.




Not bad eh! (i mean the lighting! dammit!)
(Ok! GUYS! come back.. focus here! ok!!)
at the same time, they have another trigger (which i forgot the name of it)
that is running at 2.4GHz, look very much like a RF602. also function as both TX and RX.
on top of that it has a TTL pass-through. so that when mounted, you can still mount another flash or trigger on top.
this one  is mainly aim for small flashes. and it works very well too.
no misfire at all.
wish i got a clean shot of this trigger..

So.. keep going.. next one is another one of favorite Shanzai flash company. YongNuo!
anyway. they just released the YN560. everywhere is out of stock.. Thanks to Lutz i was able to get one (which i will talk about it next time)
but what’s interesting there is.
they are developing a YN460-RX.
this one IS interesting.
the flash.. looks exactly like the old YN460 (except it marked as YN460-RX)
but it sells with a trigger.  (below is the picture of the trigger)


This thing.. support ETTL, wirelessly control the power the flash
also can adjust power manually.
According to the guys there, it can now control 2 different set of flash now. but they might add more.
it’s a prototype now. played with it and it works!
final spec .. they don’t even know yet.

another one we see in Yongnuo is, there is an equipment looks very much like the Canon ST-E2, which pretty much function as the ST-E2.

Well.. moving on… will continue in part 2…


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