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[RANT] [HKD] Oh snap! i left my bankcard in the ATM

So i was doing some shopping at the supermarket, then after i done i realize i am out of cash
so i want to the Atm.

got some money out… and then left…

OH! Snap!!! I left my bank card in the ATM!

tonight during dinner, I was trying to pay by my card. then i realize…
where the heck is my card…
start thinking back
realize i didn’t took it out of the ATM
oh snap!!! that aint cool.!
called the bank, deactivate the card… everything is fine..
gosh! that was scary!!!

So anyway.. how i took this pic.

i put a 430Ex right on top of me (with a light stand and a bloom).  Set it at 1/4 power. then put a black plastic sheet on one side that is closer to background.

We call that a flag, to block out the light so that it won’t hit the background. it basically cast a shadow to the BG.

then another very week light, a YN460 at 1/32 power. just clamp on the tripod leg.

set the camera at 1/160th sec, then F/8 at Iso 100.

set the camera on timer, and shoot myself..


2 responses

  1. Can I just say, this is why you should bank with HSBC. You get your card BEFORE getting your cash. I’ve lost 3 cards with ICBC, I HATE getting new cards. It takes forever.

    July 5, 2010 at 3:19 pm

    • I was complaining the Exact same thing.
      i was used to getting the card first when i was back home.
      ah well.. lesson learned.

      July 5, 2010 at 9:53 pm

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