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[HKD] The Little beetles

So … another “How Kirk Did-it”
This time featuring the little Beetles toy car.

[Strobist] Little Beatles

I got the car on taobao about a month ago just for fun… was thinking of doing a project with it.
but anyway .. here’s how i take the picture.

Use some “Pledge” (by Johnson, it is kinda like a spray on wax for leather and shiny wood furniture.
(http://www.pledge.com/) to polish the desk surface a bit, so it is a bit shiny.

then set the car on top of it.
[Strobist] Little Beatles setup
use a diffusion panel (can use any kind of semi transparent white cloth.) and mount it above the car.
above the panel, put a 430EX, at 1/4 power. trigger by RF-602
put a black plastic flag to block the light spill to background.
also put a black plastic behind the car as background.

this should get very close to the final image.
but i notice the license plate didn’t got too much light.
so i put a YN460 with a grid spot mounted, please right in front of the car, aim at the front of the car.
set it at just 1/16 power is enough. also trigger by RF602.

Shot it at ISO400 with 50mm @ F22.
you might as why i shoot at ISO400.. because it was suppose to be a test shot for my film camera.

So there you go.. The trick to get a nice metal surface clearly is to have a LARGE diffusion source above it.
so that the reflection of the light on the car is big enough to not causing any sharp spectacular highlight.

see you until next time!



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