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[KISH] SongJiang Creek + BaoShan area Part 2

So, Continuing my Journey from part 1
We ended taking a short break in Huanlong Camera market, while waiting for my other friend to come.

once everyone’s here, we keep going and head down to subway line 4. and head to Baoshan station.
Once i got off the train.. i can feel the chaos-ness.

First, a first “electric bike” accident (with another bike) i’ve every seen in shanghai.

[Street] Bumper to bumper bike

Nothing much to see, normal yelling at each other kinda thing.

Then Savio took us to a 2nd hand computer (and electronic) market.  For sure i will be going back.. withOUT the camera.
No way i can bargain there with the 5D.

[Street]Baoshan computer market

Quickly got out of that place.

Then i quickly found out this WHOLE area is selling “stuff” (or cr*p)
just turn around the corner, then whole street is fill with people who are selling stuff from home. kinda like a gigantic garage sell!

[Street] THE rice cooker

Enough with 2nd hand stuff…
keep walking along the same street, as less and less people selling their household item.. we reached a residential area.
look up on a building and again.. both myself and Savio saw this old lady looking out of the window, staring at blank.
(i swear sometimes i think Savio. has telepathic ability!)
Quickly switch to my little 135mm lens, and got the following shot

[street] Looking out .. Thinking back..

then look right underneath of the window, I saw a guy standing at a junction and smoking, while bikes and people are zooming by behind him.
seems like his cig is slowing all the time around him.

[Street] smoke

Turned left, and we see a gang of neighborhood people slowly walking toward us.
This scene is VERY “shanghai” i think. so.. again.. grab this shot with the trusty 135mm

[Street] The Gang


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