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[KISH] First “Kirk in Shanghai” post: SongJiang Creek + BaoShan area Part 1

So I was doing some street photography with friends last weekend.
It’s the first time I’ve been to this area.   SongJiang Creek. The route is roughly like this

It is one of the area that still remain less develop compare to the central shanghai.

Got out of the Subway station, I was waiting for Savio.
So i walk back and forth looking for a convenience store to get a quick drink.
a few girls were looking at umbrella. it was a rainy day.. at least we were expecting to rain.

[Street] It's going to rain

After Mr.Savio arrived, we start crossing the bridge.
Over the other side of the bridge. It was a so-called “Garbage recycling” area.
Families are trying to separate metal from plastic in the garbage.
Hang-drying some of the styrofoam boxes.
[Street] Tie the knot

Neighborhood kids were running and playing while their parent trying to make a living.  It wasn’t a very pleasant scene.
[Street] Have ♥ Guess Every Day... ...?

We keep walking. and arrived at a small area that at the front is a so called creative space. converted from some old red brick building.
Too many of those in Shanghai. didn’t bother taking a picture.
We walked in, and turns out the other end of this “creative space” is a small lane (they called it 弄) here.
in there, both me and Savio saw the perfect pic! that very much like the old shanghai lifestyle in movie.

[Street] Walking home

A “Young” lady came back from work, walking back to her neighborhood.

As we got out of the area, crossed the bridge, suddenly we realize we walked for one station already.
Arrived at HangZhong Lu Station area,
this area is heavily developing, turning old building into high-rises.
[Street] The High-rise is approaching
Looking at this scene, makes me thinks how long will it take for those small Neighborhood we just passed by to turn into high rise like those in the background.
probably not that long.

….. To be Continue… part 2 will be about BaoShan Area


3 responses

  1. Hey! You went to Baoshan? I always wondered what it is like over there. Did you know many people who had their houses demolished usually move to Baoshan or Pudong. Pretty far away. Funny too since Baosteel is there, haha.

    I went to Songjiang before, visited Thamestown and the mosque.

    Great pics btw, Kirk. Street photography is a lot of fun though you can’t do it for too long a stretch. I noticed you are desaturating your work a lot, works well! And a bit dark too, the vignette works well to really focus the subject.

    July 2, 2010 at 2:53 pm

    • Thx SueAnne,
      that area give me that dark, un-colorful, feeling .. so.. naturally i use that to process my pics.

      I haven’t post the baoshan area stuff yet… will do it SOON… .. trust me… SOON! haha

      July 2, 2010 at 3:18 pm

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